How to measure the best mattress before buying online?

Due to the deadly epidemic hovering around the world, it has become difficult to go out and shop for goods. People have flocked online shopping websites during quarantine months. When it comes to best mattress, brands have seen a huge number of people shopping online. They have bought different types of mattresses that suit their comfort and cosiness. When it comes to shopping mattress, it becomes quite tricky to make the final decision. A wide range of products and different brands do offer a lot of options to the users. So, they are confused.

However, if you have decided which product you want to buy finally, then it is high time that you know about a few things. The first and foremost is you should be aware of how to measure the mattress. When you shop from a brick-and-mortar store, it is easier to manage. But, measuring an orthopaedic mattress online, can be really intimidating. So, today we are going to discuss it in detail.

In order to measure the mattress size, the breadth, length, and width of the mattress should be perfect. Continue reading our blog to know more about how you can do it at home.

Measuring a Mattresses Perfectly At Home

 Mattresses Perfectly At Home

Without the right measurements, you cannot use the mattress at home. You have to be 100% sure of the dimensions of your mattresses and only then you can place it on the bed frame. Some of the top mattress companies even allow custom sized products for their users. Take a look at how to measure your mattress.

●        Measuring The Height – in order to measure the height of the mattress, you have to take it from the bottom. Start from the bottom where the mattress rests till the top of it. This should also include the pillow top if you are using any. This same procedure must be repeated for the box spring if necessary. Improper height of the mattress can make it difficult to adjust.

●        Measuring The Length – now we are going to measure the length of the mattress. To do so, you have to start from the head till the foot. Once again, if required, you can repeat the process for measuring the spring box.

●        Measuring The Width – the width of the mattress is measured in inches. To get the exact width, you must measure it from side to side. Use a long measuring tape for better convenience.

When you have the height, length, and width measurements of the mattress, you can go ahead and select different types of mattresses. You can double-check the measurements and make sure that all of them are correct. The difference of a single inch can ruin it all.

Extra Points To Keep In Mind

You are now aware of how to take the measurements of the height, length, and width of the mattresses. But, we have a few more extra points to tell you for more convenience.

●        Do you want the most accurate dimensions? Then make sure to take off all the sheets, blankets, or pillows that are on the mattress. Clear the bed and only leave the mattress in place.

●        To determine the correct size of any orthopaedic mattress online it is vital to check the length and width. These two should be absolutely accurate.

●        A lot of people tend to forget taking the measurements of the doors. Yes! If you don’t check the measurements of your doors, it will impossible to fit the new mattress through them. That is why use the measuring tape to check the length and width of the doors.

●        The frame of the bed has to be measured as well. It is going to ensure that the mattresses fits comfortably. If it wobbles, then you will not be able to use the mattresses in the right manner.

●        Most mattresses companies offer free delivery and assembly. So, make sure to share all the details with the assembly team for better convenience.

●        Don’t forget to read all the terms of return and replacement offered by the manufacturer. In case you need to change the mattress, contact the brand, and ask them to replace the product.

These are some more important tips you have to keep in mind when shopping for a new mattress. If you take care of all these things, then the overall process is going to be smooth.

Final Words – buying a new mattress can be a hectic process at times because you need to take care of so many things. But, at the end of the day, if everything goes well, you will relax very well on the mattresses. Visit the website of top brands and check the king size mattress price and decide which one suits you best.

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