Things to consider when buying a mattress-in-a-box

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With COVID-19 further changing an already changed landscape, people are relying more on online stores to make most of their purchase decisions. And, buying beds and comfort mattress is no exception. With the number of sellers selling beds and mattress in box online going up steadily, it often gets difficult for a buyer to choose the best bed in box online.

Worry no more, as this article will compare the top-3 beds available online, so you can pick the right one.

Tips For Choosing the Best Bed in Box

 Best Bed in Box

Before you dive into buying the best online mattress, keep the following factors in mind, which can help you to select the best mattress in box.

  1. Foam – the common material you would find in a mattress in a box; although innerspring and air mattresses are not too uncommon.
  2. Texture –  Texture can be soft, firm, or medium-firm. Most mattress buyers prefer medium-firm, as that gives the right kind of cushioning for all sleepers.
  3. Shipping – To ease the mattress buying process, companies most often offer free shipping.
  4. Free Trial – Many mattress manufacturers allow up to 100-days’ free trial.
  5. Size – Bed in box mattresses are available for king and queen-size beds.
  6. Warranty – Generally, manufacturers offer a warranty between 10 and 20 years.

Which is the Best Bed in Box Available Online?

1. Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Available at INR 6,000, this is one of the most popular mattresses if the reviews are any indication. Its medium-firm feel provides the perfect cushioning for all types of sleepers and the three-layer construction ensures durability. With this mattress, you also get a removable external cover and 10-years’ warranty. You may also get extra discounts, rewards, and up to 100-nights’ free trial on all mattress in box purchases online. 

2. Sleepyhead Sense

Priced at INR 9,999, the Sleepyhead Sense is a 3 zoned orthopedic phase change cooling foam mattress that automatically adjusts the temperature when you are on it. This mattress combines three types of foam (memory foam, comfort foam, and cooling foam) to give you the right body contouring and temperature that is often a hallmark of the best online mattress. You can also get up to 100 days’ free trial and a hundred percent refund if you do not feel satisfied with the quality.

3. The Latex from Sleepycat

Priced a little above INR 14,000, The Latex is an organic 7-inch latex mattress in box, which offers amazing body contouring by reducing sink and gives you minimum bounce.  Its seven comfort zones ensure that there is zero partner disturbance. The 7-inch latex foam is divided into two parts – 5-inch high-density foam and 2-inch latex foam, thereby promising the utmost comfort to all types of sleepers. Unlike the other two mattresses, this comes with a 30 nights’ free trial only.


When you look for a mattress in box online, the key factors that affect your choice are price, feel warranty, and extra discounts. Out of the three mattresses discussed above, Wakefit’s mattress in box ticks all the right boxes and if mattress reviews are any indication, it is the best online mattress you can buy right now. 

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