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Bed in a box is a fairly new concept in the mattress world. What is it all about? Is it a big deal? What inconveniences might be caused if you don’t go for a mattress in box? Find answers to all these questions and more in today’s post where we talk about the best online mattress that comes in a box, or simply the best bed in box! What are you waiting for? Let us dive in immediately! 

A bed in a box is nothing but a foam mattress that is efficiently compressed and then folded (in some cases rolled too) before it is shipped and delivered to your doorstep.

According to mattress reviews on various sites, we have come to the conclusion that a bed in a box is preferred over a mattress that is not compressed and rolled. This is mostly because of the ease of delivering the product.

It also allows the customer some time to open up the mattress in case they have still not decided where they are going to put it. For instance, you are shifting to a new house, but you have not got possession of the house yet.

In such a situation, having a bed in a box becomes very convenient in terms of transferring it as well as storing the mattress without causing it any harm. A mattress is a big investment, and so protecting its warranty is necessary and also a smart way of saving yourself from unnecessary expenditure. 

Let us now look at the best bed in a box that you can buy online. 

Best bed in a box

Best bed in a box 

  1.  SleepyCat Ortho Mattress 

The SleepyCat 6-inch Orthopedic Mattress is a bed-in-a-box worth investing in. The mattress is a medium-firm mattress with a gel memory foam for cooling technology.

The mattress comes with a zipper cover to help maintain the freshness of the mattress. It comes with 10 years of manufacturer warranty and is delivered in a box to make the delivery and storing easy peasy. 

  1. Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress 

The ultimate bed-in-a-box, Wakefit’s ortho mattress had to make it to this list of best beds in a box. The mattress is not only loved for its efficient packing but also its orthopaedic features.

The mattress conforms to the body of the sleeper ensuring that they sleep all cuddled up in the mattress. The memory foam makes sure that the sleeper’s body weight is uniformly distributed so that no pressure points are created.

The mattress is very particular when it comes to protecting the sleeper’s spine. It ensures that the spine is not bent in an unnatural way during sleep. The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and 100 nights free-trial. 

  1. Flo Mattress 

The ortho mattress from Flo Mattress is another bed-in-a-box that you can try. It is available in custom sizes and is packed efficiently so that you have no trouble storing it or transferring it. It is a high resilience mattress which means good durability. It offers back support and other orthopaedic features too. 

What mattress are you using currently? Send us a review and you might get featured! 

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