Finding The Right Mattress If You Share Your Bed

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Finding the Perfect Right Mattress when you share your bed with someone can be a bit of struggle. Sleeping with a partner means dealing with a number of things, such as their movement when they toss and turn, or slip in and out of the bed to go to the bathroom or to fix themselves a midnight snack.

Keeping these issues in mind, is it even possible to find the right mattress for yourself? We say, it is definitely possible, and in today’s post we will give you all the necessary details to find that mattress for yourself. 

Mattress for people who share their bed

A mattress for couples is one that can offer motion isolation. A mattress with a good motion isolation factor means one that can absorb the movement of one sleeper and completely separate it and prevent it from circulating through the rest of the mattress.

By doing so, the mattress ensures that the other sleeper is not jostled out of sleep. This type of mattress offers both the sleepers a zero disturbance sleep.

Of all the popular types of mattresses available in the market, such as innerspring, latex, coir and memory foam, memory foam mattresses offer the best motion separation to the sleepers. 

A memory foam mattress not only provides great motion isolation, but also other features which make it a suitable bedding choice for people who share their bed. Since the bed is shared by two people, the heat produced by their bodies is going to be greater than that produced by one person.

 memory foam mattress

Therefore, they need a mattress that can absorb the excess heat and circulate it throughout the mattress so that the sleepers do not feel trapped and claustrophobic.

While traditional memory foam mattresses could not offer temperature neutrality, the new brands have started incorporating various cooling technologies into their design to ensure excess heat is not trapped but circulated through the mattress.

This also makes memory foam mattresses the best mattress for stomach sleepers as they tend to sleep the hottest. 

A memory foam mattress also offers other features such as body contouring, bodyweight distribution and natural spinal alignment, which makes it the best mattress for back pain.

An orthopedic memory foam mattress is one that will alleviate your back pain, ensuring that you do not wake up with any pain in your neck or your back. Over a period of time and use, the mattress can even correct your posture.

The mattress distributes the bodyweight of the sleeper uniformly to ensure that no pressure points are created in your neck, shoulders and/or hips. By doing so, the mattress allows you to wake up fresh every morning without any strains or sprains anywhere in the body. 


foam mattress price

When buying a mattress for you and your sleeping partner be sure to check out the foam mattress price and various mattress offers before picking the right one. With the plethora of memory foam mattresses to choose from, making the right pick will not be difficult for you at all. 

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