How To Measure Before You Buy Mattress online?

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To buy Buy Mattress online for your bed, you need to provide the perfect measurements for it. This would ensure that the mattress you have chosen fits your furniture piece perfectly. You might be thinking it’s no rocket science to get the measurements for my mattress, why does this need to be discussed in detail? Well, even though getting the correct dimensions for your mattress is not something unachievable, it undoubtedly is not a child’s play either. 

There are certain guidelines that you need to follow to make sure you do not end up Buy Mattress online that falls a little short or a little more of what the required size is. Even a single yarn difference is enough to spoil the entire look of your sleep sanctuary.

Measuring your mattress

To measure mattress size, the length, breadth and width of your mattress and box spring should be taken perfectly.

To determine the mattress dimension and box spring size, you need a measuring tape, and the unit should be in inches. 

Measuring the height– Take it from the bottom, where it rests on the box spring, to the top of the mattress. This should include the pillow top, if any. The same should be repeated for the box spring if required. 

Measuring the length- To measure the length of the mattress, start from head to the foot. Again, if need be, repeat the same for the spring box. 

Measuring the width- To get the exact width of the mattress, measure in inches from side to side. 

Make sure to measure the size of the mattress and box spring frame properly before going ahead and purchasing an encasement for the same.


Points to be kept in mind while measuring a mattress

  • To get the most accurate mattress dimensions, you need to take off any blankets, sheets, or pillows placed on your mattress.
  • To determine the size of a particular mattress, the width and length are taken into consideration.
  • The doorways and halls in your home also need to be measured before buying your new mattress to check whether the new mattress would fit through them or not. Hence you need to ensure that the width of the mattress that you choose is smaller than the smallest door or hallway through which you will be carrying it.
  • The bed frame of your room, too, needs to be measured to ensure that the mattress you purchase fits it comfortably.

Sizes of mattress

Standard mattress size is 54″x75″(1.37 m x 1.91 m), known as a full mattress. However, the two other most common variables are the Queen size mattress, measuring 60″x80″ (1.52m x 2.03m) in dimensions, and King size mattress that measures 76″x80″ (1.93m x 2.03m). There are some other sizes too, but those are used only in special cases, and therefore, are not so common.

To conclude,

Mattress Guidelines

Remember, whatever be the size of your mattress; you should follow each and every guideline meticulously to get its correct measurement. For any further assistance on this, you can even log on to www.wakefit.co, an online portal that would provide you with every detail regarding standard mattress sizes, and how to choose one, all under one single umbrella.


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