Getting A New Mattress? Here Is What You Should Consider

Mattress sizes

Getting a new mattress might seem like a daunting task with so many options and numerous types; it might seem cumbersome to narrow it down to just one. Luckily in the age of e-commerce, online mattress shopping is more convenient than ever before.  

There are a few simple steps that you can take to ensure the perfect product reaches your doorstep. Online platforms have made it easy to use filters, and sort the variety of mattresses. Be it the size, the thickness, the material variant, or even additional accessories — you can purchase them all with a few clicks.

There are just a few parameters to consider before you bring home the best mattress 2020 has to offer.

Find The Right Size For You. 

Mattress sizes

Measure your bed frame. Use a measuring tape to find out the dimensions of the bed. Compare these to a size chart online to find out what size your bed frame is. Your mattress will fall under one of the standard size categories, such as king-size, queen-size, or single.

Note that even among the standard sizes, there could be variation in dimensions. Be certain you measure the inside of the bed frame, not the exterior frame length. If your bed frame does not match any of the basic sizes, note down the dimensions in inches. Some of the best mattress brands in India accept customizable order.

Thickness Makes The Difference. 

One might be under the misconception that the thicker the mattress, the higher the comfort. This idea is far from the truth. For each body type and sleeping position, there is a certain thickness that provides the right support. These can vary from five inches to ten inches. The lesser the depth of the mattress, the superior its firmness.  

Material Type. 

This is one domain of online mattress shopping that confuses people the most. The options between foam, spring, coir, cotton — the possibilities are endless. Each of these serves a different body type, and they are not adaptive by nature. However, a good quality memory foam mattress is one material-type that you can rely on irrespective of body types. This high resilience material adapts itself to the sleeping position and provides cozy comfort and exemplary support.

Consider Longevity.

You want your bed to be the most comfortable place in the house, no doubt. But you also need this comfort to last for many years. You can settle for a low-cost-unknown-brand, but in a few years, these cheap mattresses will start developing lumps and lose shape. Consider a company that provides a warranty on the product. Take time to read online reviews about not just the mattress but also the return and delivery feedback.  

In Conclusion,

The most common mistake many do, and something no mattress guide says — do not sort mattress by cost. The average person spends one-third of their life asleep, how can you put a price on that? A mattress is a one-time investment for years of quality sleep. Invest in the right mattress today and start each morning delighted.  

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